The Last Great Strike

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In the museums of the distant future, America will be reduced to an animatronic Wild West saloon, with the Pinetop In the museums of the distant future, America will be reduced to an animatronic Wild West saloon, with the Pinetop Seven's Bringing Home the Last Great Strike stuck on a perpetual loop. We'll be nothing but a kickline, a poker game, and a roomful of hard luck stories.

the great railroad strike of 1877

Everything will be dusty. The anachronisms will be lost on our descendents.

Bringing Home the Last Great Strike

We'll have been an empire of cowboys. It's not such a bad obituary. Bringing Home the Last Great Strike would definitely not count as insurgent country; there isn't a punk bone in its body. It's an incredible line-up of bruised and tired music where folk, bluegrass, Louisville post-rock, Eastern music and electronics all drink side by side.

Remembering the Last Great Strike this Memorial Day

As pristine and complex as the arrangements sound, the album's been kicked around and beaten up. Brimming with unglamorous stories of circus freaks, drifters, stranglers, ghosts, and drunks, Pinetop Seven have crafted a rich, melancholy work of music for the unemployable.

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The record store guy warned me about the vocals: too white, too nasally, too haunted, he said. The bizarre instrumentation and languid arrangements lend the music an almost timeless quality, drawing you in while the searching vocals repel.

You may come to love them as I have but many will be discouraged. In contrast, saw just seven strikes.

Over the past three decades, there has been a significant decline in the annual number of strikes in the U. In some ways, continued this trend of bad news for unions, with the Supreme Court ruling that government workers could not be required to pay union fees and that employers can require workers to use arbitration rather than class action lawsuits to settle disputes.

The 10 Biggest Strikes In U.S. History

The percentage of U. But the increase in the number of strikes shows that organized labor is far from dead. In fact, public opinion of labor unions has been growing in recent years and reached a year high in , according to Gallup. The high-profile efforts by teachers in West Virginia, New Jersey, Oklahoma , Kentucky , Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and Washington to advocate for better pay and benefits drew sympathy around the country. A number of teachers ran for office during the midterms and public education even played a key role in some elections.

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Already in , thousands of teachers in Los Angeles, the second-largest school district in the country, went on strike for a week in January.