Twelve and Twelve in Acupuncture

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Medical Equipment. Electro-Stim Accessories. Ion Pumping Cords. Laser Accessories. Point Finders. It enables one to see patients in terms of an integrated whole and contributes to any understanding of healing that goes beyond symptomatic relief or even prevention by restoring and empowering humanity. In the Five Phase system, this Empowerment is based on the inter-relationship between the physical Organs and their associated Emotions, Spirits, and Virtues. The goal in this early approach to acupuncture was to use the Spirit of each Organ to transform its associated Emotion to its corresponding Virtue and then transform all of these Virtues to the higher Virtue of Dao.

Only a very cursory explanation of these Spirits and Virtues has been defined in the English language prior to this current text. And yet they are absolutely essential in understanding how to practice healing on this higher level. To fully understand these terms and their application to clinical practice, detailed discussions are given as to their function and use in ancient as well as current times including ancient Five Phase temperament prototypes as well as the more modern integration with Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.

A detailed examination of this entire system is explained in this book for teachers, students and practitioners as well as the interested layperson. This is a monumental contribution to East Asian medical literature based on detailed linguistic excavations of ancient Chinese texts and astute interpretations of the classical and contemporary world.

Dennis has unearthed a precious stratum of classical thought that is sure to have a major impact on the scholarship and practice of Asian medicine. The book glows with the unmistakable light of a work inspired not only by intelligence, research, and clinical experience but also by transcendent purpose and spiritual devotion. This book is the real deal, a painstaking piece of scholarship, an original and authentic vision, and a joyous journey into the world of transformational healing.

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Like the treasured medical texts of China's ancient past, this book is a flower that will blossom perennially in the libraries of acupuncture students and practitioners for many years to come. The etymology of the characters is especially helpful in rooting the commentary in the rich symbolism of Daoist texts, enabling practitioners to grasp the wider context of seemingly simple words and sentences.

The text is interspersed with historical references, mythological stories, tables and diagrams, ensuring that practitioners will be able to endlessly find new gems of inspiration and illumination.

Twelve and Twelve in Acupuncture

Dennis has admirably empowered practitioners to delve deeper into the wisdom of the classical world. Bilton, M. Treatment that incorporates everyday activity, thought, nourishment and pathogenic factor into one wholistic healing process. Dennis incorporates his extensive study of Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation with his exposure to Modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and European Styles of acupuncture into his interpretation and commentary.

The Five Phases of Acupuncture takes the reader from early acupuncture texts and translations, five phase diagnostic features and patterns to Chinese medicine formulas. The text also incorporates the use of essential oils, Western herbs and food principles. Creating a text that makes the intricacy and divergence of information of traditional Five Phase Chinese Medicine more accessible is quite an undertaking.

Practitioners who have not yet incorporated Five Phase acupuncture into their practice will benefit from information gained from this book. I am truly impressed, especially by the elegance and comprehensiveness of the work, the detail, the quality of articulation, and the thoughtfulness of it. I was struck by the thought that here is someone who really wants people to understand how to think about and use this art and science. There is so much there. I will have a lot to go back to refer to, and study. Your layout and organization is impeccable.

I loved all the tables and diagrams. I am thoroughly fascinated by this work. This book reflects your seriousness for scholarship and devotion to the continuation of the Classical Chinese traditions. It is extremely important to not let those teachings die.