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US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller.

Photos: Astonishing photos from the Alberta floods

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Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. Shape Created with Sketch. Astonishing video shows moment Syrian toddler pulled alive from rubble after Aleppo bombing Show all 3. You can form your own view.

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Would you fight a king for your freedom? Would you publicly protest what you believe to be unjust? Thousands have done just that! What can we learn from these courageous men and women? Read about these brave people, their battles, and how they changed nations. Read about some of history's most exciting captures!

Are they cases of tragedy or triumph? It all depends on who- or what- is captured. What does it mean to be condemned? Condemned buildings are torn down.

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Condemned people are executed. Read about the fight to save Grand Central Station. Learn about an ancient redwood tree slated for the ax. Discover how the secrets of DNA freed a wrongly imprisoned man. Taken from their homes and seized from their cars, kidnapping victims and their families face a terrifying ordeal.

Some kidnappers want money; others do it for political reasons.

How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets In Just Hours. Mousetrap Monday

Learn the frightening details of the Lindbergh, Hill, Anderson, and Smart abductions. We have all lost something at one time or another. But has anyone ever lost a whole airplane, including the pilot? Here are stories of a lost plane and pilot, a dog, a brother, and even a whole city! Some have been found or rediscovered. Others remain missing.

When something or someone turns up missing, it is unexpected- often a gripping mystery. Law enforcement professionals are skilled at tracking the missing. Sometimes, however, a disappearance is inexplicable. A spacecraft disappears millions of miles from Earth, A ship or plane vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle. What explains these mysteries? One minute the plane is flying high. Next, a bullet or a missile hits the plane, and it begins to fall from the sky. Sometimes the airplane explodes and all is lost. Sometimes the crew can eject. Read about the heroism, the tragedies, and a very big questions: What is is OK to shoot down a plane?

Desperate and poor, stowaways risk their lives in an attempt to secure freedom or a better life. Some succeed; others suffer tragedy and heartbreak. But people aren't the only kind of stowaways. Some stowaways are illegal or endangered animals that could wreak havoc on native ecosystems. Learn the fate of some famous and infamous stowaways.

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Imagine being thousands of miles out to sea. The weather shows no mercy. Whether caught in a storm, sunk by a torpedo, or forced overboard by an angry crew, being stranded at sea is a frightening experience. Learn that we have yet to tame the ocean. Imagine the horror of being trapped in a deadly place!

People ave been trapped in many ways- trapped by fire, by water, or trapped underground. Some have even been trapped in molasses! Sometimes they escape Read the stories behind the headlines. Learn what it was like to be trapped! Number 8. Welcome to Wieser Educational! View Cart. Browse Products.

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