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Maybe because you secretly miss my sister and just can't cut ties completely.

[FF SUGA]My SIster's Ex Boyfriend Part 3

Regardless of the reason, it's immature and misplaced and also pointless, because your trouble is no longer welcome here. Although I endured you for a painfully long time out of sheer love and sympathy for my sister, I no longer have that obligation. As the saying goes, sometimes you meet the right person, but it happens all at the wrong time. And while it may true that things could have been better if only life played you a different hand, you continuously make me thankful that life didn't.

I don't hate people easily; I try to forgive and forget way more often than I should. But you? I hate you for how you treated my little sister. So while there's no erasing the pain that you have already left behind, I do hope that you start to grow up, take responsibility for your actions, and learn how to treat this new girlfriend of yours with newfound care and consideration.

My sister and my family might have been foolishly overgenerous, but you won't always be so lucky.

My Sister's Ex by Cydney Rax

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I’m not breaking up with him, she is!

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Dear Coleen: Marrying my sister’s ex has torn the family apart

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Welcome back.

I think it will be embarrassing. Not a big deal Chizzy Alichi. I certainly think I will give my blessings if my sister wants to marry my ex. It is not a big deal. I must have told my sister the kind of guy he is and why we broke up. If she goes ahead to accept him, then that means they are really in love and I will give them my blessing.

How we live together: I live with my sister’s ex

It has happened in my family Oluchi Nkwocha. It has happened before in my family, so it is nothing new. I will certainly allow him to marry my ex girlfriend. Marriage is for two mature people and if they agree to leave the past behind, then they should go ahead and proceed on their journey, I will not feel bad at all. It can never happen! How can I ever allow my sister to marry my ex?

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If it was my younger sister, I will call her and beat the hell out of her. There are so many guys out there, so she should go and choose another and not my ex. If I was the reason for the break-up of our relationship, I would try my best to make it work out for us and not for him to leave me and go and marry my sister. Such cannot happen. She can only marry my relative Tomiwa Sage.