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Entwined within this Gordian knot is a truth so terrible as to be rarely spoken. In January they are pruned, and the branches left are entwined from tree to tree all along the line, and form impenetrable fences.

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They remained thus long, entwined , while little by little the violence of Dolly's despair moderated. His head is encircled with a chaplet of living serpents, that, entwined among his hair, keep up a constant hissing.

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It was a child sleeping at the foot of a cross, around which its arms were entwined. And about each happy dog's neck are entwined a loving master's arms.

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Also intwine. Examples from the Web for entwined At the door a couple is entwined on the floor blocking my departure from the suite. Secret Supper guests will spend an idyllic day foraging for their feast to take to this mesmerising night of whimsy and jaw-dropping surprises.

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This year, a ticket upgrade option will enable guests to collect a delicious hamper of Swan Valley goodies at the venue instead if they wish. And, back by popular demand, the Funk Cider Make Your Own Cider competition with the chance to create a unique flavour to be on tap during Entwined. For the full program and to book your tickets, visit the Entwined website.

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This year, get Entwined in our most diverse program yet.