France 1940: Blitzkrieg in the West (Campaign, Volume 3)

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The World At War 1973(World War II Documentary) Falls (May – June 1940)

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‘To Gamble All on a Single Throw’: Neville Chamberlain and the Strategy of the Phoney War

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    Seldom in the history of military thought have such elaborate interpretive structures been built on a more limited foundation. The term blitzkrieg was in fact never used in the title of a German military manual or handbook. Nor is it to be widely found in the memoirs or correspondence of German generals. The word was used in the Wehrmacht during World War II but was commonly considered to be of foreign origin.

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    From there the word came into general circulation as a shorthand description of a form of war that seemed to have no convenient existing frame of reference. From Western sources it expanded into German popular military literature, and from there into history. The transmission process was facilitated by the British theorists J. Fuller and Basil Liddell Hart, who insisted that their concepts of mobile war were fundamental to the German victories of Reality is at once more limited and more complex. On one level, mobile warfare was a faute de mieux improvisation that arose from the restrictions on conventional forces stipulated by the Treaty of Versailles.

    The German high command in the s and s also sought inspiration for the future in its own past—specifically in the ideas of Helmuth Karl von Moltke and Alfred von Schlieffen. Tanks, aircraft, and motor trucks were regarded as force multipliers facilitating traditional operational approaches. The aim of German military planners in both the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich was to achieve victory by enveloping enemy armies, threatening their lines of supply and communications, and forcing them to fight in an unexpected direction.

    The anticipated result would be quick, decisive victories for a state that since the days of Frederick the Great had been convinced of its inability to win a drawn-out war of attrition. These concepts remained tactical and operational. However, no significant data support such a grand design. Instead, the best evidence indicates that Hitler sought rearmament in both breadth and depth, with an economy oriented to military needs as completely as possible. Instead, far from coordinating their specific preparations, the army, navy, and air force competed so intensely for scarce raw materials that as early as their demands seriously overheated the ramshackle Nazi economy.

    Revisionism must not be taken to extremes.

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    German operational successes in the early years of World War II were by no means the product of sheer good fortune. But neither did they reflect a coherent, planned approach to the diplomatic, economic, and military challenges that after confronted a state unwilling to accept the consequences of its defeat in World War I.

    What are commonly called blitzkrieg operations developed out of experiences gained on the field between to In that sense blitzkrieg is best understood as a post facto construction for explaining a complex structure of events and ideas. Edited by Robert Cowley and Geoffrey Parker. All rights reserved. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!