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Her cutie mark is a chainsaw. She is an original character representation of Raven Molisee. Her name, previously used for a G1 Earth pony mare , comes from the flower. Resembles " Ivy Vine ". The original character of Tara Strong , conceptualized by her and designed by Lysok. Her cutie mark is a microphone with a heart on it. Represents Thom Zahler. Appears on page 5 of Friendship is Magic Issue Her cutie mark, not shown in the comic, is two or three objects. She is an original character representation of cover artist Mary Bellamy. Represents artist Cuteosphere.

A pony character cameo based on Anne Shirley. Represents Katie Cook's daughter Grayson. Represents Katie Cook's daughter Harper. A representation of Agnes Garbowska's niece Julia. One of some drawings by Agnes Garbowska and her niece in Poland shows this pony thinking about something and also includes text, with an arrow pointing from one word to this pony. Appears at the Fall Formal Gala. A character in Rarity's favorite romance novel. Appears in Ponyville as a result of the bookworm's magic.

Resembles Fabio Lanzoni. Has a descendant. His cutie mark is green vines.

The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel by Natasha Lowe

Trade Craft 's son. Seen fawning over Tempeh at the Wellness Center. Also appears on Micro-Series Issue 10 page 8. Her cutie mark is a black diamond. Andy Price has referred to her by name. A resident of Canter Creek and owner of a farm near Rancho Bronco. His cutie mark is two interlocking rings. See Buck Withers.

The owner of a traveling Wild West show who fell in love with Cherry Jubilee and once asked her to marry him. His cutie mark is a pair of metal bull horns. Shares his name with a a bull member of the Cattle Rustler Gang. Her cutie mark is a map. The fourth of four previous owners of one of Star Swirl the Bearded 's hats.

Katie Cook has identified this pony as "Can O'Beans The hobo pony of Ponyville". His cutie mark is a whisk. Cheerilee 's twin sister and a professional wrestler known as the Mystery Mare. Resembles G3 Cherry Blossom. A friend of Cherry Blossom 's and a professional wrestler known as Iron Hock. Her cutie mark is a four-leaf clover. The theater director of Carneighie Hall. He alludes to Clive Gillinson , and his cutie mark is a comedy-and-tragedy pair of masks. Resembles Phil McGraw of Dr. The duke of Appleloosa. His cutie mark is a saddle.

Bears a resemblance to Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers. Appears as part of Praiser Pan 's entourage. Also appears on Friends Forever Issue 9 page 3. His cutie mark is a pocketwatch. See Fili-Second. Rowdy Polo Pony Flank Thrasher. Named in the script.

Magnolia Tulip Tree

His cutie mark is is a band-aid with a color burst behind it. He is a character called "Rowdy Polo Pony" in Gameloft's mobile game , and serves as a boss in the Presentable in Periwinkle event. His bio states, "Primary hobby: crushing it on the polo field. Secondary hobby: validating Buck Withers's jerkish behavior. See Flax Seed and Wheat Grass.

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One of the trainee clowns at Ponyacci 's school. His cutie mark is a grin-like crescent.

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Her cutie mark is a heart-shaped apple. See Gloriosa Daisy. Resembles Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane. She temporarily gains Saddle Rager 's superpowers. Captain Hoofbeard. Bears a resemblance to Jake Blues of the Blues Brothers. He is a character in Gameloft's mobile game. Somepony needs to get his priorities in order! One of the Jonagold brothers who vied for Granny Smith 's affections when she was young.

His cutie mark is a bushel of apples. He and his brother 's shared name is the same as the individual name of Jonagold ; the name comes from the apple. His cutie mark is a wagon wheel. Owner of Ponyville 's hardware store. His cutie mark is a lugnut. Based on the Kill la Kill character Mako Mankanshoku.

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A Dodge Junction librarian whose affections Flim and Flam competed for. Her cutie mark is an open book. A contestant in the cooking competition from Gallopvania. When Applejack is mistaken for her, she goes on a pony-freezing rampage. Her cutie mark is an interrobang. Based on the Kill la Kill character Ryuko Matoi.

Her cutie mark is the Scissor Blades. In early March , the fan-given names of 'Maroon Render' and of ' Madcap Mediation ' were asked for and approved of by Brenda Hickey. A character from Rarity 's nightmare. Her cutie mark is a star with a rainbow coming out of it. She is similar to Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls. The mayor of Maretropolis. She appears to have no cutie mark.

The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel

Down-N-Out Cider Pub worker. Bears a resemblance to Sunny Sugarsocks. Her cutie mark is a tankard. See Mistress Mare-velous. Works in Ponyville as an accountant. Her cutie mark is a calculator, a plus sign, and an equal sign.

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Presents the week's top 10 song countdown. She resembles Meadow Flower. Her cutie mark is a nurse's cap. He temporarily gains Fili-Second 's superpowers.

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His cutie mark is an ankh. Her cutie mark is a pair of hair-thinning scissors. His cutie mark is a hammer. Fluttershy describes him as an "infamously and savagely cruel modern pony art critic". He flails for words when Princess Celestia offers a different opinion. His cutie mark is a painting being chopped by an axe.

See Roller derby ponies. His cutie mark is a wooden cane and two horseshoes. Rough Diamond. A notorious Manehattan thief who disguises herself as a police officer "Officer Fluffles" in order to steal the Ostlerheimer Diamond. Her cutie mark is a diamond. A Ponyville city hall employee and member of the department of building management. Her cutie mark is two green flags and a horseshoe. See Royal guards IDW comics.

Her cutie mark is a top hat. She temporarily gains Mistress Mare-velous ' superpowers. The chief of police in Manehattan. His cutie mark is a police badge. Cloverleaf 's tag team partner in the EWH championship wrestling match. Appears to be larger than Trouble Shoes. Resembles Sappho. Her cutie mark is a triskelion. Pulls Applejack and Rarity's stagecoach to San Franciscolt. Somewhat similar to Burnt Oak. His cutie mark is a cactus. Books By Christopher Setterlund. Get it by Wednesday, Sep 25 Only 2 left in stock more on the way.

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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The morning Nora Ratcliff finds a baby in the flowerpot on her front steps her life changes forever. She had always wanted a child, but after her husband passed away, Nora never thought she would have one, but her flowerpot child was a miracle and she decided to name her Mabel. As Mabel grew up, she showed a distinct talent for magic.

When Mabel is accepted to the prestigious witch school, Ruthersfield Academy, she excels at the magic curriculum but is constantly in trouble for experimenting and inventing her own potions. One day she is asked to write a paper on her magical roots and discovers the truth about her birth after a mean classmate blurts out what everyone seems to know except Mabel.


Mabel is shocked but the revelation does explain a lot. In rebellion, Mabel changes her name to Magnolia and tries to understand why she was left in the flowerpot and who her birth family might be. A fantasy story with a strong message of family, and believing in yourself. Mabel will inspire readers with her confident creativity; a solid secondary purchase, especially where Lowe's previous title is popular.