Building a Bankroll (Full Ring Edition)

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The source of Soriano's significant fortune came from the mining business, a lucrative industry in the Congo. He was given a contract to provide nearly all of the supplies for the thousands of laborers who work at the Gecamines mine operation, the largest mining site in the country. By delivering provisions, such as fish and other food, he wielded enormous influence over mine workers' productivity.

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Through questionable relationships with Congo's much-maligned former leader, Mobutu Sese Seko, Soriano grew wealthy by plundering the nation's resources -- not an uncommon occurrence during much of Mobutu's reign. Mining continued to be a successful family business -- when Moise Katumbi was elected governor of the mineral-rich Katanga province, he reportedly divested of his significant interests in mining and put them in his wife's name.

Profiting off of government connections was another lucrative business for Raphael Soriano.

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Soriano was given wide discretion by the Zambian government to secure the deal, and arranged a lucrative fee for himself as the middleman. Funds were deposited into a foreign bank account that belonged to Moise Katumbi's wife, Betti.

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Despite having scammed Zambia already, Soriano and Katumbi were recently involved in another corrupt arms deal with Zambia. Despite its precarious fiscal condition, Zambian President Edgar Lungu put off urgent government projects such as roads, and hospitals to quickly find the money for the deal.

Building a Bankroll Full Ring Edition

Raphael Soriano is considered to be the mentor of his younger brother, to whom he has also ceded the reins of the highly profitable football club "Almighty Mazembe". As president of the team, Katumbi created the "one hundred percent" which consists of young men that owed obedience, loyalty, sacrifice, and devotion to him.

In January of , while players complained about how difficult online poker had become, Pawel "Verneer" Nazarewicz wanted to demonstrate that, with the right approach, building a bankroll from scratch could still be done at the online tables. He accomplished the same feat a year later in exactly days. In this book, Pawel shares the building blocks necessary for achieving long-term success at online poker.

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If you are serious about making money at NLHE cash games then look no further. The layout and language used in the book makes it easy to follow for amateur players and seasoned players alike. I found there to be bundles of information in this little book and the breakdown of hand histories he uses to illustrate examples of alternative lines you can take was golden. You will learn how to use the HUD stats of your opponents to your advantage by giving you breakdowns of what stats different types of players will show and how to exploit them.

I got this book as a gift and must have received one of the first few copies because I noticed Pawel even wrote a little message in my book on the first page which again shows his passion for the game and in helping players grow and develop with his personal touch.

How To Build A Bankroll

I lent this book to a friend at work who was brand new to poker and he did say that the information in this book was a little overwhelming for him as he was learning something on pretty much every page but he had to take it really slow! My favourite part of the book is the bankroll management section which gives you a way of indicating when you should move up or down stakes and the price of the book alone is worth it for this section.

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I have read countless bankroll management techniques online and in other books over my 10 years as a player and this one just seemed to make the most sense. I haven't changed the way I approach my bankroll and changing stakes since reading this. My biggest fear was that I would not learn anything new from this offering as I consider myself a big student of the game but I really felt like I have improved after reading this and even when I recognised some techniques I felt like the way I was playing was more and more in line with the thought processes and actions of a winning player which helped me grow in confidence.

Beware: If you know what Pawel sounds like you may find yourself reading this book in his voice! Very good microstakes book By Isa The first thing I noticed when I got the book was that it is actually quite thin. I was a bit scared since the book is not exactly cheap. However, it turns out the thickness is not a criterion to judge this book on. I have read some other famous poker books Harrington, Sklansky but none have helped me as much as this book. The book is not that thick because it does not waste time on endless introductions or explaining basic terminology.

The book is filled with cold hard facts in bite-sized chapters. Verneer explains how to handle specific situations very well, and the examples are "real". Some books tend to illustrate with hypothetical situations that are unlikely or rare in real life, but the examples in this book are the difficult situations we encounter daily.

Building a Bankroll Full Ring Edition

Because it does not explain all terminology I would not recommend this book for the absolute poker noob. If you do not know terms like cbet, limping, steal, odds, isolating, For me, as an "advanced beginner", this was a good thing. I was able to process the chapters pretty quick, and because of their relatively small size it is inviting to reread them which makes it more easy to treat this book as study book instead of random entertainment.

As a 6-max player I can say that this is indeed true, as I applied the book to my 6-max game with success. All in all, I would definitely recommend this book for struggling microstakes players. The book instantly teaches you all things that would take years of trial and error otherwise.

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  • For me, this book deserves a place among the classics Harrington, Sklansky, This is the best nlhe poker book that I have read for small stakes online poker cash games. It is perfect for anyone grinding the micros up to break even nl players.


    I am sure this will also help my live game also, but I don't recommend this book for people who only play live poker. This book isn't overburdened with basic concepts, or bloated with too many advanced topics that lack depth or relevance to small stakes. After I saw the table of contents, I thought this book might contain some fluff, or might not fulfill it's lofty goals, but every chapter is insightful and tight. There are a lot of examples, with Verneer's thought process well laid out.